Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Orange

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in the Fall

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in the Fall

Orange is another color that has been in the Crayola collection since they were first produced in 1903. It is known as Jack O’Lantern Orange in the “So Big” set and Jack-o-Lantern Orange in the “Halloween Crayons” series. In the “Techno Brite” series it was called Cyber Orange and Jupiter Orange, Shrimp and Solar Flare in the “Discovery” series. In the “Colors of Baltimore” series it was called Go O’s and Orange You Glad You’re in America in the “State Crayon Collection” and finally it was called Freshly Squeezed in the 110th Anniversary set in 2013. I love all the names for Orange in the collections!

I love Quebec City, especially in the Fall! There are colorful displays all around the city! How about this Jack O’Lantern Orange arrangement? For more lovely photos of Quebec City in Fall look HERE!

By 1969 Binney & Smith, owners of Crayola, opened an additional factory in Easton, Pennsylvania, where the crayons were produced. In 1972 they purchased the Cosmic Crayon Company in Bedford, UK and used its facilities for their European operations, calling it Binney & Smith (Europe) Ltd. That same year they also opened their Mexico operations calling it Binney & Smith Mexicol, S.A. Crayola was bursting at the seams!

This post is just one of many in the Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola Challenge! Enjoy!



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