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Thursday Doors: April 14, 2016

Prison Door iInside Doge's Palace

Prison Door Inside Doge’s Palace, Venice, Italy

Today, let’s take a peek at some of the doors in Venice, Italy. I’ve been dreaming of sunny vacations for the past couple of weeks! Venice, Italy is one of those sunny, magical, dream come true spots on earth. But, it wasn’t so sunny for those who were sent to jail from the olden days until 1930.

This prison door has two big bolt locks and the peep window also has a lock! The door is narrow and one would have to be very short or stooped to get inside the cell. The cell is very small and windowless! The prison was attached to the Doge’s Palace, (the home of the ruling duke) by a passageway called the Bridge of Sighs, aptly named because you had to walk from the Doge’s Palace, where you were sentenced by a tribunal, over to the prison. It was your last look at the world, through a thick, marble, trellised window.

Inside Looking Out from Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy

Inside Looking Out from Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy


Looking Up at the Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy

Looking Up at the Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy

This is the Bridge of Sighs as it looks from the outside. There is a canal between the Doge’s Palace and the Prison.

To walk around Venice you follow very narrow pathways tucked between old buildings. You walk and suddenly the path comes to a dead end at a doorway! It’s easy to get lost or disoriented.

Narrow Pathways Between the Buildings in Venice, Italy

Narrow Pathways Between the Buildings in Venice, Italy


The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy

The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy


The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy

The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy


The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy

The Stop at the End is a Doorway in Venice, Italy

The buildings at the main intersections have  arrows directing you to the most popular spots, so you know which way to go to the most familiar sites. Here to cross the street you look up!

Look Up to See Where You Are in Venice, Italy

Look Up to See Where You Are in Venice, Italy

The best way to get around quickly is by gondola! The doors are at water level! Just step outside your place into a gondola! For a post about my gondola experience look HERE! All the photos were taken at close up and personal gondola level!


The Water Level Doors in Venice, Italy

The Water Level Doors in Venice, Italy

At the end of the day treat yourself to a sit and a drink! Nothing better than being served by a gent in a white tux! I hope you enjoyed our excursion around Venice! To see all my posts on Venice just click in the tag area on Venice!

The Florian, Venice, Italy

The Florian, Venice, Italy

This is just one of many photos in the Thursday Door Collection featured by Norm2.0!   Won’t you join in or take a peak at all the doors?


44 Responses to “Thursday Doors: April 14, 2016”

  1. sustainabilitea

    Thanks for the wonderful tour of a place I’ve sadly never visited. I know it mostly through Donna Leon’s book (but they have no pictures.) 🙂 Wonderful gallery.


  2. joey

    Gorgeous collection! That first door, with all its iron, wow, that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Norm 2.0

    What a wonderful collection and yes, that first one is quite imposing. Venice just got bumped up a little higher on my bucket list.
    Great post 🙂

  4. Jean Reinhardt

    Beautiful photos, I’ve never been to Venice but you’ve made me think about going with those lovely images. That prison looks a scary place.

  5. undiscoverdimagesamongstus

    Very nice photos! Venice has some great memories since I visited there many years ago. One of the best memories is going to St. Mark’s Square at night, sitting at one of the open tables at the cafes and listening to dueling violins and their ensembles echo through the square. I think the first door photo is great because of the weathering wood and hardware and historical image of a prison door.

  6. pommepal

    Wonderful photos of Venice and fascinating doors. It brings back memories of being hopelessly and happily lost in the maze of Venice streets.


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