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Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Red!

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada,

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada,

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

Today is the 120th Day in the 120 Days of Crayola Challenge! Yeah! I did every color on every day! Yeah! I have had a wonderful time with the Challenge; looking up the colors, going through tons of photos and looking for the pictures that I thought would portray the color just right. The Challenge allowed me to be creative in the choice of photos and as always, I tried to make the posts entertaining and educational at the same time! It also reminded me of how much I like to travel and how I love gardens! This is also the first time I posted everyday for any length of time! I was on a roll!

My photos for today are pictures taken in Quebec, Canada and I thought they were a perfect set of pictures to end the Challenge, in a very creative way! Just look at all the Crayola Colors I found scattered all over Quebec City! Fabulous End to the Challenge I think! Thank you for looking in the past 120 days! I hope you enjoyed it! And thank you, Jennifer Nicole Wells, for hosting this Challenge!

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

A Crayola Collection in Quebec City, Canada

Yellow-Orange has been in the Crayola assortment since 1930. It is also known as Pineapple Yellow in the series in Mexico, and Mellow Yellow in the “Retro Colors” set. It is the color for Wisconsin, called Moovalous Cheese, in the “State Crayon Collection” and Glowing Eyes Yellow in the “Halloween Crayons” Collection!

11 Responses to “Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Red!”

  1. GeorgieMoon

    Very good photos! So you did every day of the Crayola challenge! Well done you. You won’t know what to do with yourself now. I joined late, and have enjoyed looking through photos to choose the right colours, too.

  2. Hildegard

    What!!?? I’s over??!! But… but… I’ve become addicted to your series!! Congratulations on completing the whole thing faithfully, daily, with such wonderful photos and delightful, interesting commentaries!! Beautifully done! Are you going to reward yourself with another trip and a new pair of shoes? 🙂

    • CadyLuck Leedy

      Oh yeah! I leave in a week on first trip of the year! I have become addicted to posting everyday, but I don’t blog ever when I’m traveling! I may have to do up some posts before I leave and schedule them! Haven’t got my shoes picked either!

      • Hildegard

        Ok, well, you’ve still got a week to get it all together 🙂 I’m wondering where you’re going (secret!?) and looking forward to seeing pictures later. Have a great time!

  3. dechareli

    I loved the pictures, it was always a funny moment to see what you had come up with and I relly hope you come up with another thrilling photo challenge. Have a nice vacation!


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