October: A Month of Pumpkins; Day 20, The Jarrahdale and Lumina Pumpkin


The Jarrahdale and Lumina Pumpkin

The Jarrahdale and Lumina Pumpkin

Jarrahdale is a native pumpkin of Australia whose strain has been preserved by amateur seed savers. Even so it is difficult to find. The golden-yellow flesh is medium sweet, string-less and is a very good quality for baking. It is desired for fall decorating due to it’s unusual slate-green color, deep ribs and drum shape. The skin is quite hard, so use caution when cutting this one open.

Lumina pumpkins are a ghostly white on the exterior, but have an orange interior flesh, which makes for a fun spooky effect when they are carved and a candle is placed inside. Don’t stop there though! They have a delicious flavor and are excellent baked into a pie. When you bring one home display them out of the full sun so they will last longer and keep their white color.

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