Is Jesus Homeless?


Is He Homeless?

Is He Homeless?


Is Jesus Homeless?  That question has our small community of 11,000 in a dither. A statue depicting Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench has been placed in front of St Alban’s Episcopal Church, in Davidson, NC.  Jesus is huddled under a blanket with only his pierced feet uncovered. The reaction to the statue was immediate. My friend called me and asked if I had seen the homeless man at the entrance to the neighborhood. “What homeless man?” I went to see for myself. Yes, he looks very real. One woman called the police, thinking it was an actual homeless person. Another neighbor says it creeps him out. Some neighbors think it’s an insulting depiction of the Son of God, and what appears is a hobo curled on a bench. Some people have found comfort sitting on the bench to pray. Others feel the statue reminds us of the marginalized of society. What are your thoughts? As a traveler I have seen great religious statues and artwork all over the world. Many have caused a stir in their day. This statue is no different. It will mean something different to everyone. Today, of all days, I don’t think Jesus is homeless.  HE LIVES!

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